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Throwback Mondays #1

Summer vacation, long time ago… Greece, 2010, the village of Fourka, about 100km South-East of Thessaloniki. Our happy place for a few good summers. But being me, swimming or beach just didn’t entice me that much, so I got my camera out and started to have some fun 🙂

The camera was a Pentax K7, with a Pentax 35mm/F2.8 Macro Limited lens.



My son, Matei (Matthew)…

12 at the time of this photo, 13 now. Makes me proud every day. He moved from a city of 2 million+ to the small, quiet town of Holland Landing, ON (population 9k) with a smile on his face! Was immersed suddenly in an English-speaking environment with not much practice beforehand, still he excelled – and continues to excel.

Love you, Matei!  Proudly, Tati



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