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Tuesday blues…

Walking last night in downtown Newmarket, ON… Just as we were about to get in the car and drive home, I looked over the shoulder and saw this view! Enjoy!



Throwback Mondays #1

Summer vacation, long time ago… Greece, 2010, the village of Fourka, about 100km South-East of Thessaloniki. Our happy place for a few good summers. But being me, swimming or beach just didn’t entice me that much, so I got my camera out and started to have some fun 🙂

The camera was a Pentax K7, with a Pentax 35mm/F2.8 Macro Limited lens.


Ripley’s Aquarium #3 and final

Aquarium #2

Banff. Alberta. What’s not to love? Part 2

Banff part 1

Hai hui prin Toronto

Walking around Rogers Reservoir

Back yard tales – the little nosy neighbors

Up and around with the 85…


My son, Matei (Matthew)…

12 at the time of this photo, 13 now. Makes me proud every day. He moved from a city of 2 million+ to the small, quiet town of Holland Landing, ON (population 9k) with a smile on his face! Was immersed suddenly in an English-speaking environment with not much practice beforehand, still he excelled – and continues to excel.

Love you, Matei!  Proudly, Tati



Through the archives…

Feeling blue..


Looking for spring. Error 404…

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